“The command of Dhiren’s pen is powerful in that he will voice issues of public interest which others might shy away from. He is selfless, fearless and an individual whose principles, ethics and integrity deserve applause. I was impressed with his passion for Uganda and I’m glad he has now visited our great country. I’m proud of Dhiren’s remarkable achievements so far and wish him well and sincerely hope that he continues to excel and flourish in a career which he’s clearly a role model in.”

Dr Sudhir Ruparelia

Chairman, Ruparelia Group

“Dhiren is a brilliant and honest young man whose integrity and sincerity are worthy of saluting. The quality of his work is exemplary and his commitment to making a positive difference to the lives and livelihoods of people is extraordinary. I hugely value our friendship and admire his professionalism and extensive networks.”

Her Excellency Professor Joyce Kakuramatsi Kikafunda

High Commissioner of the Republic of Uganda to the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand

“It’s been a pleasure working with Dhiren. His enthusiasm to bring communities together and help growing businesses achieve their ambitions is infectious. He is passionate about raising the profile of Asian business leaders in the UK and increasing diversity within the wider business community. I wish him continued success in all that he sets out to do.”

Rain Newton-Smith

Chief Economist, Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

“Dhiren has been an integral part of the Asian Business Publications Limited Group for over two decades now. His flair for writing and unique style of column has grown increasingly popular over the years. Although Dhiren chose to study Pharmacy at University, his heart was always in journalism from a very early age. In fact, at the age of nine he was able to read Gujarati and he used to enter competitions, send short stories and letters, which were published in Gujarat Samachar. I am proud of his success so far and wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.”

C B Patel

Publisher/Editor, Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar

“Dhiren’s style of reporting is such that it strikes a chord with readers. His brevity and courage of tackling themes and topics which are still seen as taboo deserves commendation. He is a charming young man whose impartiality and ability to engage with people from all walks of life is a life skill in itself. At Arora Group we continue to empower and upskill everyone, preparing younger generations to help build an even stronger British economy and we are grateful to Dhiren for supporting, as and when, our noble causes.”

Surinder Arora

Founder & Chairman, Arora Group

“Dhiren has great command over English language and penned numerous news articles to convey accurately various implications of the news items published in various local and national newspapers and periodicals.

Being a British Indian his comprehension of journalistic approach required in the British context has been useful, as noticed by me during my short tenure in Birmingham so far.”

Mr V S Ramalingam

Former Consul General of India

“Dhiren is a rare journalist who goes the extra mile, always, to help others. He puts others ahead of him. His writings capture the reality of life of ordinary citizens, which has won him trust, confidence and praise from his fans. I’m proud to say I’m one of them. His commitment to equality and diversity deserves commendation, and his columns reflect this very well.

I was delighted to be among the few non-resident Indians to applaud Dhiren as he received his Bharat Pravasi Award in New Delhi earlier this year. He is a pride of India, and of Great Britain too.”

Rt Hon Baroness Sandip Verma

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

“We were delighted to receive our Midlands Family Business Award last year. But Dee went the extra mile to get us considerably more positive media coverage. He was able to advise and guide us on our engagement with the media, for which we are indeed very grateful.

What struck us about Dee was his unique style of approach, his polite and friendly mannerism and his willingness to genuinely help us. We were tremendously satisfied with his work and have told him that we would be delighted to recommend Karma PR to our clients and anyone seeking a decent PR agency.”

David and Keven Nutt

T Nutt & Sons

“Dhiren is a role model networker. His work, in his many capacities, is of a very high standard and his unique personality makes him stand out from the rest of the media community, nationally.

His recent award, the highest of its kind, from the Government of India is proof enough of this. Arguably, he is the British Asian equivalent of Max Clifford, but of course much younger.

He is a man who connects and is someone who has over the years earned enormous respect of people from all walks of life, across all professional sectors. He is an asset to British society and I wish him well in his endeavours.”

Uday Dholakia

Former Chairman, National Asian Business Association & Brand Ambassador for Asian Markets

“Dhiren’s command of the pen has always been enormously powerful. He tells a story as it is and his ability to do so has earned him esteem and respect across cross sections of society throughout the land and beyond.

His exceptional journalistic and PR skills deserve full credit and commendation. It’s the remarkable contribution of citizens like Dhiren whose vision and mission to see a more integrated, tolerant and happier British society that continues to add value from all dimensions.”

Keith Vaz MP

Chairman, Home Affairs Select Committee

“As a journalist, Dhiren is conscientious and honest. I’ve been very impressed by his wide contact base and his dedication to the story. He has a knack of getting to the heart of whatever is going on and is very quick to pick up on the nuances of a situation.

He gets on with all kinds of people as he’s both polite and funny – this means he’s able to win them over and gain their confidence. He’s extremely hardworking and he deserves every success.”

Ritula Shah

BBC Radio 4 Broadcaster and Journalist

“Dhiren is an honest and fearless journalist. His work is of a very high standard as he tackles important issues objectively, fairly and in detail. His ability to understand and engage with people from every walk of life makes him unique in his field. He knows how to give credit where credit is due, and vice versa and as a result, deserves the commendation.

I have followed Dhiren’s progress over a period time and he makes us proud with his work. He recently received an Award in India from the Indian government for his outstanding contribution to journalism. The award also recognised his success, credibility, integrity and reputation.

I wish him every success in his endeavour to be a journalist of repute.”

Dr Rami Ranger MBE

Chairman, Sunmark Limited

“Dhiren is amongst the very few gifted, honest, sincere and daring journalists I have come across. He is a dedicated professional who makes a sincere effort for a genuine cause. He is indeed a great networker, well respected in different circles and regularly invited to key functions.

Dhiren has the strength and determination to go to any length to support and help for a genuine cause. It has been a pleasure to know him and work with him”

Professor Pawan Budhwar

Associate Dean Research, Aston Business School

“Dhiren is a leading light of the new generation of British-Indian writers. His weekly Asian Voice column is a must-read, giving a modern-take on traditional views.

He is a dedicated writer and gives the British Indians in the Midlands a voice that reaches far-beyond Birmingham and Leicester.”

Lord Dolar Popat

Chairman, Conservative Friends of India

“Dhiren is a dynamic and tenacious media professional, who knows how to develop, sell, and amplify a story. His contact book is bulging, his approach is creative, and he will always deliver first rate client service. He’s never someone to simply ‘take a brief’ – his questioning and probing is insightful but to a purpose, which is to improve the story and the way it develops.

Give him a campaign to run and he’ll not disappoint.”

David Farrow

Director of Marketing Strategy and Communications, Aston University

“Dhiren has established a concrete foundation, one which has the trust, confidence, support and sincerity of so many people from all walks of life. As a former journalist, it makes me enormously proud to read Dhiren’s riveting columns. His reputation and extraordinary work certainly reaches places before him.

His longstanding commitment and ardent dedication to promoting peace and harmony across all diverse faith and religious communities through his journalism and PR deserves full praise.”

Mr Wajid Shamsul Hasan

Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Britain

“I have known Dhiren for a number of years. As a journalist he writes extremely well and he is always very keen to pursue interesting stories, many of which he has related in his popular column in the Asian Voice. I have always felt his abilities in his field have been undervalued by the people he has been working with and his full potential has not been allowed to surface fully.

I believe that from a point at present where he is considered to be a leading, role model journalist he is capable of rising to much greater heights if he is given the opportunity.

He is undoubtedly enormously talented and has got a very amiable nature which enables him to make friends easily. He has a good command of English and he articulates his views cogently.”

Mr Manzoor Moghal MBE

Chairman, Muslim Forum

“When one connects with Dhiren, it’s a connection for life. He is a loyal, genuine, principled and deeply considerate young man whose growing reputation and profile extends throughout this country and to other parts of the world. He is a man of his word and always goes the extra mile to help others.

His columns are always interesting and prompt discussion and debate, often on sensitive issues. Dhiren finds solutions and commits to see them through to fruition. He is a longstanding friend of Birmingham Rathbone and we hugely value his ongoing support, advice and voluntary contributions”

Chris Bates

Chief Executive, Birmingham Rathbone

“Dhiren is an exceptional talent. His stakeholder engagement and public affairs skills are exemplary – he ranks among the best networked individuals I have ever met, his cultural awareness shows a very rare breadth and depth, and he is unfailingly courteous.

He brings people together around issues with great skill, and is immensely knowledgable about a wide spectrum of ethnic media and communications issues. He is also a pleasure to work with.”

Mark Funnell

Director of Communications, Forestry Commission

“Dhiren is very well qualified to undertake his chosen PR and Public Affairs portfolio, particularly given his journalistic background and considerable experience in the field of media. Above all, I am confident that Dhiren is suitably experienced, given his high moral and strong ethical standards and values, to make a real and lasting difference to the many people who come across him, through his media expertise.

I wish Dhiren all the very best in his endeavours.”

Dr Ajit Swaran Singh

Hon Visiting Professor of Law, University of Fiji

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